Beer bath – Beer tasting, 0.5 l/person – Leisure on straw

from 200 PLN

Wine bath – Wine tasting: glass/person – Leisure on straw

from 200 PLN

Sauna session – Beer, wine, or milk bath – Unlimited beer or wine tasting session – Leisure on straw 

from 290 PLN

Sauna session – Milk and rose petal bath – Prosecco tasting session (1 bottle) + chocolates – Leisure on straw

from 330 PLN

Beer bath - Tasting of various beers 0.75l/person - Straw relaxation - Partial relaxation massage 20 min/person 

from 340 PLN

Session in the sauna – Beer, wine, or milk bath – Unlimited beer or wine tasting session – Relaxing on the straw bed - Full body massage (40 min/person), options. 

from 470 PLN

Session in the sauna - Milk bath with rose petals -
Prosecco (1 bottle) + chocolates - Relax on a romantic bed of straw - Full body massage (40min/person), options

from 510 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Partial relaxation body massage 20 min

from 130 PLN 

Face, neck, décolleté and head massage + facial care with beer cosmetics 50 min

from 200 PLN

Session in the sauna 10 min – Full-body relazation massage 40 min

from 200 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Full-body candle massage 40 min

from 200 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Sports massage 30 min

from 220 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Original beer massage 40 min

from 230 PLN

Exclusive spa or bathhouse for organized groups of 5 to 15 people

from 140 PLN

Relaxing baths with tasting for a bachelorette party for min. 5 people

from 140 PLN 

Full relaxation and lots of good beer for a bachelor party for min. 5 people

from 140 PLN


Beernarium Beer Spa is the only such place in Krakow. The spa is located right next to the Main Square and offers unique treatments and spa packages for two and more.


Kraków - Spa w samym centrum

Beernarium Beer Spa is located in the center of Krakow, at 13 Florianska Street. This is one of the most famous places in Krakow, so streetcars and buses arrive here every minute. We encourage you to use public transportation to be able to taste the drinks at the Beer Spa without restrictions.

Group events

Beer Spa in Krakow is famous for group events! For larger groups, the Spa is rented on an exclusive basis. Guests have at their disposal 2 baths and a sauna room. The Beernarium very often hosts bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, which are famous for great fun, complemented by relaxing treatments.

Szeroka oferta masaży
dla par i nie tylko

Beer Spa in Krakow also offers a wide range of massages. A massage for two is a wonderful relaxation for you and a loved one. The smooth touch and relaxing music during the massage will make your mind melt in blissful happiness and your body in wonderful relaxation. You can also enjoy a massage alone. This is a great opportunity to spend time in each other's company, take a break from everyday life and relax.

Professional Spa Service

Beernarium's qualified staff will take care of your comfort in the Spa and, above all, provide the highest level of service. As soon as you cross the threshold of the Spa you will feel taken care of, and the staff will guide you through the entire ritual, explain how the treatment will proceed and what effects it will have. The Spa is staffed by experienced physiotherapists, and they will be happy to help you choose a massage that will meet your expectations.

Properties of wine, beer and milk baths

Bathing in the Beer Spa is a great way to improve the condition of the skin and, above all, to relax blissfully. Bathing in bath beer extract perfectly moisturizes and brightens the skin. Wine extract counteracts the effects of skin aging and helps reduce fat and cellulite. Powdered goat's milk makes the skin smooth and radiant

Kraków - romantyczne zabiegi Spa dla zakochanych

If you are planning to spend romantic moments with your other half in Krakow, be sure to visit Piwne Spa. This is the place where you will spend an unforgettable time together. An intimate bathhouse at your disposal only, and in it a romantic bath for two, twilight scattered with candlelight, relaxing music ... This romantic atmosphere will make you forget about the world around you and focus only on each other.