What to do in Krakow when it rains

Krakow is a marvellous city at every time of year and in every weather. When the sun is shining you might wander through the picturesque, cobblestone streets. The rain, however, should not stop you from exploring either. If you have no idea what to do in Krakow when it rains, these suggestions might appeal to you.

What to do in Krakow when it rains
What to do in Krakow when it rains

Beernarium Beer Spa in Krakow

One of the best and most relaxing options for everyone is the Beer Spa located in the heart of Krakow. When the rain drops are falling heavily on the ground, you might want to take some time to unwind. However, if there is no idea what to do in Krakow when it rains, book a spa treatment you won’t regret. The best treatments available, unique atmosphere and charming localization near the centre of Krakow. In other words, you can find true pleasure in Beernarium Beer Spa.

Beauty Care & Tasting

Only the natural ingredients, beer and oil, used in the bath will perfectly nourish and moisturize your skin. What’s more, throughout the treatment, you can enjoy delicious craft beer made at the Castle Brewery in Cieszyn

Historic Tenement House

The Beer Spa is housed in a historically noteworthy building. The spa is located in the basement of the fourteenth-century Kmitów Palace. Moreover, while swimming, you may see the arching vaults and feel as if time has stopped for a moment.

Intimate Attraction

Each treatment takes place in its own bathhouse since we value privacy while relaxing. As a result, Beernarium is a great place to visit for a romantic evening for two, a fun adventure, as well as a rainy day activity for a whole group of friends.

Recommended services

You can enjoy a variety of treatments in Beernarium, whether you are travelling alone or with your close ones. Among the most popular services, you will find:

  • Bath in beer a magnificent attraction for two people. A soothing beer bath that ends up with a tasting session and time on the straw.
  • Vip batha sauna session, unlimited beer or wine tasting session, and straw relaxation are all included in this beer, wine, or goat’s milk beauty bath.
  • Special Day Spa – an unusual type of relaxation for the most demanding. The package includes a sauna session, a soothing VIP Bath, and full-body massages.

Come to Beer Spa when it rains in Krakow
Beer Spa Krakow

Lost Souls Alley

Investigate the city’s dark side. Accept the challenge and allow yourself to experience terror as you have never experienced before. Visit chambers haunted by lost souls. You can be sure that you would never forget what is hidden on Florianska 6’s cursed level. LOST SOULS ALLEY is Poland’s first interactive museum dedicated to the primal fear impulse. What’s more, the entire floor is based on horror films.

Krakow Pinball Museum

Over 60 pinball machines and 35 arcade games are on display in this interactive exhibition. As a result, you can play and enjoy them all as they are all on the FREE PLAY mode. What is more, we also offer a lounge with a bar that serves beer and soft drinks.

What to do in Krakow when it rains — St. Mary's Basilica

This Gothic edifice boasts two remarkable towers of varying heights and a surprisingly elaborately adorned interior. The building owes its form to the bright polychrome paintings of the famous Polish artist Jan Matejko. The most famous work is Veit Stoss’s Main Altar, a late Gothic representation of St. Mary’s and Jesus’ lives. It includes scenes of Mary’s death and Assumption. Please be aware that the church, especially the Main Altar, is undergoing extensive repair, which may cause some disruption.

St. Mary's Basilica