Fun things to do in Kraków

If there is a city that can be used as an example of real hustle and bustle, it’s definitely Krakow. With almost a million citizens and a never-ending flow of tourists, this place is a unique spot on the map of Poland. However, some people might still ask what are some fun things to do in Krakow.

Whether you’re new to the place or a citizen who knows and has visited it all, here are some options that you might not have heard about before.

Krakow from Above

The sky’s the limit when it comes to exploring Krakow—literally. You can easily do it from quite a surprising perspective: from above. A scenic plane flight is a possibility that you might not have considered before, but it’s certainly worth a shot, at least once. No matter if you are a citizen or a tourist, a bird’s-eye view of Krakow is something not familiar to many. Everyone who looks for cool things to do in Krakow will be satisfied with this adrenaline-packed option.

Not-Your-Regular Spa Day

Currently, a relaxing day in a spa is something that many enjoy once in a while. It might not seem so unique or extraordinary anymore, just another way to unwind. Well, is it? What if you could enjoy a session of complete relaxation but in a slightly different, and possibly unexpected, way?

Beernarium is a place for couples and solo adventurers alike. You can enjoy a variety of treatments to let go of your worries and stress. It’s a spot on the map of cool things to do in Krakow that you certainly cannot miss. From a beer spa day to a wine bath, there is a treatment for every taste.

If you once believed that a spa day is not quite on your list of fun things to do in Krakow, here’s why you might be wrong. Beernarium is a place like no other, with professional staff and high-quality equipment. Treat yourself or your loved one to a memorable, relaxing, and heavenly experience that combines pleasure for your body and taste buds, as many treatments include wine or beer tasting.

Spend Some Unusual Time with your Friends

There might be numerous attractions available in the city, but when it comes to choosing one for your night out, your mind suddenly goes blank. What are some fun things to do in Krakow when you have a whole group to entertain? A nice option would be bubble football, where you play football but every player is stuck in a big bubble, which might be a bit of an obstacle.

If you are not much of a team player, there is a shooting park, paintball, or an airsoft arena. Play against one another and see who has the quickest eye and finger. You can shoot, throw an axe (that’s a real thing in Krakow), or take a quiz to see who’s the smartest in your group of friends.

Krakow is a city that has a lot to offer, but you need to look off the beaten track. Every night out might be an adventure, but there are also activities that will work as a romantic surprise or a rest day. Who would’ve thought to visit the city from a plane, throw an axe to hit the target, or bathe in wine?

These are cool things to do in Krakow whenever you feel inclined to spend your time in an unconventional way. Book a visit to Beernarium, explore the city you might feel you already know from one end to the other, and get surprised by what Krakow has in store. You can be sure that it will be a one-of-a-kind experience.