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The best presents are not things, the best presents are special moments. Give your loved one a voucher for relaxation and leisure in the magical atmosphere of the Beer Spa. A visit to the Spa lets you escape your daily problems and unwind. The Beernarium is an intimate place located in the centre of Kraków inside the historical tenement at Floriańska 13. Enjoy our dimmed lighting, calm music, and intimate, special, and magical atmosphere.

The Kraków Beer Spa organises beer, wine, and milk baths. You can take a bath by yourself, but they are usually enjoyed by two people. The bathing water contains natural skin rejuvenating products. During the treatment, we also offer tasting sessions involving excellent beers brewed with traditional methods or exquisite wines. After the bath, you can relax on straw to emphasise your sense of great relief.

The Beer Spa is popular among both women and men of all ages. Ladies love our private and romantic atmosphere, while gentlemen like the natural beer tasting sessions. A Beer Spa voucher is the perfect gift for all.

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Voucher shipping: e-mail or courier service + PLN 20

Vouchers are valid for 6 months

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Voucher do Piwnego Spa w Krakowie to oryginalny prezent:

  • for birthdays and name days
  • for newlyweds on the wedding day,
  • for Valentine's day,
  • as a thank-you for parents,
  • for a wedding anniversary,
  • for women’s and men’s days,
  • for mother’s and father’s days,
  • and for other special occasions.

Voucher do Spa możesz zamówić na dowolny zabieg:

  • Beer bath with tasting
  • Wine bath and tasting session
  • VIP beer, wine, or milk bath with sauna and tasting session
  • For details concerning individual treatments, please go to the

For details concerning individual treatments, please go to the offer tab..

Vouchers are valid for 6 months counted from the date of purchase 6 miesięcy od daty zakup

Delivery: digital version by e-mail for free, paper version by courier services: PLN 20

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Kąpiel Piwna 1 osoba, Kąpiel Piwna 2 osoby, Kąpiel w Winie 1 osoba, Kąpiel w Winie 2 osoby, Kąpiel Romantyczna 1 osoba, Kąpiel Romantyczna 2 osoby, Kąpiel VIP 1 osoba, Kąpiel VIP 2 osoby


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