Masaż świecą Kraków

Masaż Świecą

Masaż Świecą w KRAKOWIE

  • Sauna session 10 min 
  • 40 min. candle wax full body massage

This treatment brings together massage, aromatherapy and the warmth of a candle flame.
Before this massage you are welcome to use our infrared sauna, where temperatures can reach a maximum of 60ºC*. A session in this sauna will relax your muscles and prepare your body for the massage to come. This treatment involves warm candle oil to warm up your muscles and moisturise your skin. Melted wax, at a very pleasant temperature, forms a velvety film on the skin. All of this accompanied by relaxing music and candlelight.

W Piwnym Spa w Krakowie stosujemy tylko specjalne świece przeznaczone do masażu. Nie zawierają one parafiny oraz ropopochodnych substancji. Są w 100% wykonane z naturalnych składników. 


  • 200 PLN / 1 pers.
  • 400 PLN / 2 people**

We also have a range of other massage treatments as well as Day Spa packages (spa + massage).

* Infrared rays generate heat which warms up subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles as well as other organs.

** Massage for two people is usually performed at the same time.