kapiel winna krakow atrakcje


  • Wine bath
  • Wine tasting: glass/person
  • Leisure on straw
  • Accessories: n/a*
  • Time: 50 min.

A bath is prepared with the use of wine extraction in the form of a bath foam dissolved in water. The treatment slows down skin aging and reduces adipose tissue and cellulite. You will enjoy your bath in a great atmosphere, candlelight, and – of course – tasting wine. 

*Kąpiele odbywają się w drewnianych wannach dwuosobowych.

*Please bring your own towels, swimwear, and flip-flops (you can also buy/rent all of the above on location for the price of PLN 12/person).


  • For 1 – PLN 195
  • For 2 – PLN 275
  • For 3 – PLN 470
  • For 4 – PLN 550