VIP bath

atrakcje krakow piwne spa

VIP bath

  • Sauna session
  • Beer, wine, or milk bath
  • Unlimited beer or wine tasting session 
  • Leisure on straw
  • Time: 1h 15 min
  • Accessories: free towels, disposable swimwear, flip-flops

A great way to relax for two people. A hot sauna, a rejuvenating bath in a wooden tub, and some leisure time on an oat straw bed to top it all off. The bath is made with products like bathing beer, red wine salt, or goat’s milk concentrate, which offer excellent skin care effects. The ritual includes unlimited tasting of traditionally brewed beer or wine.

*Kąpiele odbywają się w drewnianych wannach dwuosobowych.


  • For 1 – PLN 275
  • For 2 – PLN 390
  • For 3 – PLN 665
  • For 4 – PLN 440