Beer bath

Piwne Spa w Krakowie

Beer bath

  • Beer bath
  • Beer tasting, 0.5 l/person
  • Leisure on straw 
  • Accessories: n/a*
  • Time: 50 min.

A beer bath is based on natural beer, which is rich in hops, malt, yeast and beer oil. The treatment brightens and rejuvenates your skin and tremendously relaxes yousee more benefitsThis original form of leisure is held inside a wooden tub. The treatment includes tasting of cold beer made by a small brewery in an intimate atmosphere.

*Kąpiele odbywają się w drewnianych wannach dwuosobowych.

*Please bring your own towels, swimwear, and flip-flops (you can also buy/rent all of the above on location for the price of PLN 12/person).


  • For 1 – PLN 195
  • For 2 – PLN 275
  • For 3 – PLN 470
  • For 4 – PLN 550