Special Day SPA

Special Day Spa- Piwne Spa


  • Hot session in our infrared sauna
  • Nourishing bath to choose from: beer, wine or milk
  • Unlimited tasting of craft beer or wine
  • Leisure on straw 
  • Full body massage to your choice
  • Time: about 2h 30 min
  • Towels, flip-flops and disposable swimwear (if required) are included

The perfect no-compromise spa package! A session in our infrared sauna, where temperatures can reach a maximum of 60ºC*, will mark the start of your visit to the Spa. This will be followed by a relaxing spa with plenty of samples to try. All this to put you in a perfect, blissful mood. Water-soluble skin care products are used to prepare the spa: natural beer, wine extraction or powdered goat's milk. All of these are known for their excellent skin care properties. And finally, a massage, perfectly tailored to your needs and expectations.


  • 470 PLN / 1 pers.
  • 770 PLN / 2 people**

* Infrared rays generate heat which warms up subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles as well as other organs.

** Massage for two people is usually performed at the same time.