Beer spa - an attraction for a Ladies Night in the centre of Krakow

A bachelorette party at the SPA is the perfect way to celebrate the future Bride. The Kraków Beer Spa offers not only rejuvenating treatments and heavenly leisure, but excellent beverages and a special atmosphere as well.

During your bachelorette party at the Kraków Beer Spa, you will have the opportunity to undergo rejuvenating and moisturising beer or wine baths combined with tasting sessions. You will enjoy a hot infrared sauna and a heavenly leisure bed lined with straw. The atmospheric and intimate bath houses will be reserved just for you. Groups receive a 10% discount on massages and the Bride gets a partial relaxing massage for free as long as you post a photo from the party and tag our Fanpage on your Facebook account.

A Beer Spa visit is a great gift for the Bride and an unforgettable attraction of a bachelorette party in Kraków. 

Spa packages for a bachelorette party in Krakow

Evening at the beer spa - information

The spa can be made private for groups of minimum 5 people. (For smaller groups we recommend baths for up to 4 persons.How long the bachelorette party lasts and which bath rooms are booked depends on the number of participants

  • 5 pers. - 1,5 h - 1 bath room / 2 barrels
  • 6-8 people. - 2h - 2 bath rooms / 3 barrels
  • 9-15 people - 2,5 h - 2 baths rooms / 3 barrels


Participants can enjoy all the activities. Ladies can choose one type of bath and tasting.

To book a hen night at the Beer Spa in Krakow we require an advance payment of 50% of the price. The rest is payable on the spot. 

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