Beernarium Beer Spa in Cracow

Beauty Care & Tasting

The natural beer and oil used to prepare the bath will perfectly moisturize and nourish your skin. During the treatment you will taste delicious craft beer brewed with traditional methods in the Castle Brewery in Cieszyn.

Historic Tenement

Beer Spa is located in an extremely historic place. The facility is located in the basement of a fourteenth-century building - the Kmitów Palace. While bathing, you can admire the arched vaults and feel that time has stopped for a moment. 

Cameral Attraction

We highly value the private atmosphere during relaxation, so each treatment takes place in a separate bathhouse. Beernarium is the perfect place for a romantic evening for two, a friendly outing, an attraction for rainy and lazy days.

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A tremendous attraction for two. A rejuvenating beer bath combined with a tasting session and leisure on straw.

A beauty bath in beer, wine, or goat’s milk combined with a sauna session, unlimited beer or wine tasting session, and leisure on straw.

An unusual relaxation for the most demanding. The package includes a sauna session, a soothing VIP Bath and relaxing full-body massages.

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Baths prepared on the basis of natural preparations like beer, wine or milk. They perfectly nourish the skin and relax the body. Conducted in intimate, separate baths.
Świetnie odżywią skórę i zrelaksują ciało. Przeprowadzane w kameralnych łaźniach. Idealny relaks dla dwojga i nie tylko.


Massages performed by professional physiotherapists. They relax muscles, improve circulation, regenerate strength and calm down. Carried out in the light of the candles and relaxing music.


The highest form of relaxation. A combination of nourishing baths and relaxing massages. Deep skin hydration and a feeling of complete relaxation in a magical atmosphere.

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Beer bath properties

A bath based on natural beer available at the Beer Spa in Krakow has many positive effects on our body:

Beer baths are great for your skin: they moisturise, rejuvenate, brighten, tone, clean out pores, balance out the pH factor, and provide B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

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Beernarium in Poland

Beernarium is a brand of rapidly growing beer bath houses throughout all of Poland


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