Fun things to do in Kraków

If there is a city that can be used as an example of real hustle and bustle, it’s definitely Krakow. With almost a million citizens and a never-ending flow of tourists, this place is a unique spot on the map of Poland. However, some people might still ask what are some fun things to do […]

Things to do in Krakow during winter

It didn’t look like it was going to snow! But it did, and it transformed into a magical winter wonderland filled with stunning structures, quaint, lovely bars underground, and great friendly residents. Was it, in fact, chilly? Yes. The average temperature in Krakow during winter is between -5 and +5 Celsius degrees, which is perfect […]

What to do in Krakow when it rains

Krakow is a marvellous city at every time of year and in every weather. When the sun is shining you might wander through the picturesque, cobblestone streets. The rain, however, should not stop you from exploring either. If you have no idea what to do in Krakow when it rains, these suggestions might appeal to […]

Unique things to do in Krakow

While visiting a completely new city, you probably want to spend time in the best way possible. Before searching for adventures and remarkable photographs opportunities, you should take a look at our list of extraordinary places in Krakow. After all, except for castles and monuments, there is so much to enjoy. Do you  wondering what […]

Romantic things to do in Krakow for couples

Krakow is undoubtedly a marvellous and magical city with wonders around every corner. When it comes to choosing a romantic place for a date, however, the number of options available seems to narrow down. If you seek an unforgettable  evening out with your loved one, these suggestions for romantic things to do in Krakow for […]